Are you taking your vehicle for a MOT, Check before you leave?

Before taking your vehicle for MOT you should analyze your vehicle on your own. Small but necessary scan of your vehicle, is what always saves you before perturb.

First and the foremost thing that one should do before heading towards MOT garage are to clean the vehicle properly inside and out. It becomes very easy to fail a car whose boot is full of clutter and an excessively dirty car, check your number plate if it is properly visible.

Please fortify that your tyres are properly inflated, you can go through the handbook to learn the steps of how to check tyre pressure and follow the same or opt for a pressure checker. Ensure that your tyre on whole have at least 1.6mm of tread. In case of any issue you can visit any local independent garage for a free tyre check.

You can yourself observe problems of the vehicle’s exhaust system by listening noise while running, if you observe any disturbance in the noise it signifies that, there are some issues with it.

A quick review of the oil level is always advisable, the level should be between minimum to maximum. You have to park your car on an even land, remove the dipstick from the engine, wipe it, and put it back and again pull it back to check the level of engine oil.

Inspect your braking system properly ensuring that your braking system is working properly by applying the brake, if the vehicle pulls even after applying the brake, it needs serious attention and if there is an issue, it needs to be replaced without delay. Visit the nearest Independent local garage to solve your problems with brakes to resolve it as early as possible.

Don’t forget to check the washer and wiper to get the clear view of road which is necessary for driving in suitable condition. If any issue is observed it should be rectified before heading towards MOT.


MOT tests are modified a bit they are categorized in three different levels as-

  • Dangerous
  • Major
  • Minor

If your vehicle meets the minimum legal standards it is passed, some vehicles comes up with an advisory to monitor and repair, other are zoned in minor repairs which does not have any significant effect on the safety of the vehicle, or impact on the environment.

Vehicles may affects the safety of road users or can have impact on the environment are kept in major category and is failed as it needs to be repaired immediately. Some vehicles are categorized in dangerous categories as they might have direct and immediate risk to road safety or has a serious impact on the environment. They are strictly prohibited to run on roads until they meet the minimum requirement of road safety limits.

Don’t let your vehicle fall and don’t let it fail. So be wise and save your vehicle from being failed in MOT. Review your vehicle properly and for any minor or major issues visit specialist independent garages to save from any further botheration.