Avoid Delaying Your Shock Absorber Wearing Signs; It May Harm Your Vehicle.

Introduction to shock absorber

In everyday speech, shock absorbers are hydraulic pump like device. Any unwanted movement of your car body is controlled by the silent helpers- the shock absorbers. They rebound the movement of the wheels by the help of their springs which absorbs bumps and other adversities on roads. On the other hand the damper then controls the movement of the wheels as without them the car wheels will bounce up and down uncontrollably on every bump. This becomes very irritating as well as dangerous. Presence of shock absorbers is to ensure that the vehicle’s tyre remain in contact with the road surface at all times, which ensures the safest control.

Shock absorbers keep your tyres in contact with the ground every time. Either in rest or in motion the only connection with your vehicle and road is your tyre and whenever this connection is broken or reduced your vehicle loses control and you get shock.


Types of shock absorbers

The entire shock do the same job, but difference in type, design and features require different types of shock absorbers which can appear radically different. All of them could be replaced by one another namely

  • Conventional telescopic shock absorber
  • Strut shock absorber
  • Spring seat shock


What signifies shock depreciation?

After wearing down these shock absorbers became less effective, you can absorb change in damping as it becomes less and less. But the shock degradation is not easily absorbed by an average motorist. It can be observed by inspecting the wheel arch for signs of leakage. Oil stains can easily be observed which indicates you to change the damper. Issues like this will not let you fail MOT. But every worn shocks wont leak so doesn’t rely on these methods. Scalloped dips in the tyre is another aspect of observation, it is basically a changed name for worn suspension parts.


When to replace shock absorbers?

  • When it takes longer time to stop the vehicle around extra 20%.
  • When you lose control over brakes.
  • Vibration observed when steering.
  • Sliding and veering across the road even in mild winds.
  • Uneven wearing of tyre


Where to change?

To avoid any further problems in your vehicle before you lose the control over your vehicle you must visit a well equipped independent garage, where your vehicle can get that supreme treatment to solve any issues be it repairing or replacing. At Westlake Garages, our trained technician can exactly detect the underlying issue.