Be it Off-Road or On-Road, Land Rover Driving Experience Relies on its Tyres

Your car reflects your personality, as even though you are unknown to the world, your car speaks about you. For a smooth and safe drive on road, your wheels are your stake holders. A proper care of your car tyres will never leave you in trouble.Condition of your car tyres depends on how you drive your car and also how you maintain it, which might wear the tyres faster or slow down the wear.

It is a known thing that your car’s front tyres wear down faster in comparison to the rear ones as more pressure is put on front tyres due to breaking and it leads to the wear down of front tyres.


Land Rover Tyres are Special, thus You’ll Experience the Awesome Driving Experience

Land Rover is an off- road vehicle, its roughness depends on many features combined together and one of the main reasons it is called off-road vehicle is because of its tyres. Land Rover tyres bear everything on road to give you a premium ride.

Land Rover places extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles and, as a result, demand the very best from the Land Rover Approved Tyres for each vehicle. There aretyres specific for Winter & Summer season, & also tyres for all seasons. No matter if its winter tyres for the cold season or summer tyres for the scorching heat, it is your responsibility as a proud owner of Land Rover to make tyres are in best shape.


Make Sure to Get Land Rover Tyres Rotation & Balancing Job Done with its Service

Rotation & Balancing is the most job to be done for your Land Rover, whenever you take your Land Rover for service, whether it’s interim or full or major, make rotation or balancing job is done. Also, be wise in the process as your Land Rover might get troubled after rotation if not done with required expertise.Expert technicians can do this work efficiently by understanding the logic of placing tyres correctly, from front to back or left to right as they can understand every wear and tear of the tyres. It needs experience as Land Rover Tyres differ from model to model, Land Rover Defender Tyres& Land Rover Range Rover Tyres are not same.

Usually, many Land Rover Approved Service Centres suggest in changing front tyres to rear & rear to front, as this will help in bringing the equal wear out of all the four tyres. So, in future; if you’re thinking of tyres replacement, then you can change all the four tyres at once.


For a Reliable a job on your Land Rover Tyres, Bring Land Rover to Westlake Garages in Richmond, Your Land Rover Approved Service Centre

At Westlake Garages we understand every wear and tear of all models of Land Rover & Range Rover. Our technicians can resolve your problem with their skill. We have experienced working for minor as well as major problems.

We suggest our customers for rotation & Balancing job after a run of 5,000 kms. It is not compulsory to bring your Land Rover only for major problems.If you observe any minute change such as difference in noise or problem in steering wheel or any small event attracting your attention, you can visit our Land Rover Approved Garage in Richmond as mitigation process to avoid any major impending damage.