Brakes – The Savior, When to Replace Them

Approximately 22% of all the road accidents take place because of brake failure. Nothing else but a proper tuning with your vehicle can save you from falling into these accidents. You can prevent any major accidents by observing warning signs, your vehicles gives.

But question arises, how to look for them, here are few types of warning signs that you might find when there is some short of issues going on inside your car. Observe the following changes while applying the brake-

  • Pulling of car caused by the plugged hose during brake.
  • Due to vibration of brake pads in the caliper you can observe a grinding noise.
  • Shaking of car during braking due to warped brakes which signs that your brakes are old or overheating.
  • Brakes jumping, it happens due to ABS system, it tries to come when not required.
  • Faulty brake pedal boosters lead to the hardening of brakes.
  • Air inside your brakes need full bleed by pushing it to the floor.



It always becomes a matter of discussion that when you should change the brakes, no one can exactly tell about the brakes, it depends completely on the driver’s technique because it can wear off in 25,000kms or not even after 50,000kms.

Brake pads should be replaced when you observe that the pad friction material has worn down to a thickness of 3 millimeters. Thickness of brake disc should be measured, whether they are up to or below the manufacture’s safe minimum thickness, failing which they must be replaced.


What to do in case of brake failure?

No one can exactly predict when the brakes will fail, hence it becomes important for every driver to be aware of how to tackle the adverse situation. Three steps that you can actually take at that point is-

  • Downshift to a lower gear.
  • Pump the brake paddle fast, to build up brake fluid pressure.
  • Apply  the parking brake and wait for the car to skid.

But you can avoid all these adverse situations if you regularly visit local garages and ask for a routine checkup. For assisting you in and around Richmond, our skilled and trained technicians can help you with exact vehicle situation. Visit Westlake Garages, for proper assistance on small issues to big problems.