Land Rover off Road Driving Tips

One of the most powerful vehicles out there, the Land Rover is meant to be driven off the road and is thus well equipped to handle even the most extreme terrains. Be it mud, sand, water or gravel, there is nothing that can stop this beastly car. If you are heading towards the wilderness to explore unfamiliar regions in your Rover, we’ve got some tips you should know before heading out.

First thing first, if you are planning an off road trip, you need to have sufficient knowledge of your Land Rover. Go through the car manual to get to know your basic stuff such as the tank capacity, gear box, wading depth of the vehicle and what not. The Land Rover has different responses to a particular terrain which help with the agility and control of the car. The driver may select the program best suited to his needs. The 4×4 technology allows a smooth progress across any region and in the case of a steep descent, the Hill Descent Control enables the driver to drive through rough terrain without needing to touch the breaks.

Before setting off any journey off road, you need to check your tyres. Needless to say, the quality of your tyres is of utmost importance. It is recommended to check your tyres have sufficient tread and are not showing any signs of damage. Also, check your spare tyre to make sure it is usable and does not need to be repaired or changed.

Make sure that you have more than enough fuel to make it to the end of the journey. You do not want to be left stranded in the wilderness with nowhere to go.

You need to have a reliable navigation system even more when you’re driving off road. Which is why it is recommended to update your navigation system. Go through and save your major destination points to avoid any inconvenience later on.

Off road journeys can be tiring and stressful. In order to facilitate drivers, Land Rover has introduced Head up Display which shows all the necessary information such as directions, speed etc. on the windscreen. This allows drivers to sit back relax and just keep their eyes on the road without having to worry about anything else.

Planning ahead is always necessary when going on or off road trip. Always keep a spare atlas in the car in case you have doubts with your in-car navigation system. In addition to this, keep a first aid box in the car to avoid inconvenience.Better safe than sorry. It is also advised to have fully charged mobile phone with you in the unlikely event that you are stranded and need some help. It is recommended to keep an in-car charger.

In terms of the actual driving, it varies from terrain to terrain. You must know when to speed up and when to slow down. Never make any sudden or harsh movements and always try to drive smoothly. Keep both hands on the steering wheel and stay alert and attentive throughout the drive. Avoid changing your gear during tricky terrain and be careful while navigating through an area with potential risks. If necessary, get out of your vehicle to assess the region.

In short, if you want to have a good time taking up the path less followed, there is no better car then the Land Rover to assist you in doing so. Enjoy the drive comfortably and safely.