Running On Low Fuel Can Depreciate Your Car’s Health.

Are you also in a habit of keeping fuel at low level of your vehicle? At least quarter of the vehicle should be filled to avoid any adverse situation. Driving your car on the verge of bottom line can damage your car in number of ways. It is very obvious that you cannot drive much far in an empty tank, rather you are more likely to witness the stall out, this may lead to the damaging of catalytic converter, which is a unit of exhaust system.


A basic technology is handicapped because of driving in a low fuel. In the fuel tank, there is a contraption called fuel pump, it sends the fuel from the tank to the engine. The fuel pump relies on the fuel in the tank to keep it cool and provide lubrication. Whenever you run your vehicle with low fuel, it means that your pump isn’t staying as lubricated as it should be and it will overheat soon. It can gradually become one of the most prominent reasons behind premature failure of the pump. A failing pump is an expensive affair as this can lead to poor performance of car, smooth acceleration of car can be lost or it can rather stop it completely to start the ignition.


Consumer reports say, that the fuel in your car acts as a coolant for the fuel-pump motor and therefore when you run low on fuel, it creates heat that can cause the fuel pump to wear prematurely which gradually results in decreasing the potential of the car. This drags you to visit for repairs which are much more expensive than what you might have to pay for filling up your fuel tank.


Not only this but, it can also hamper the fuel filter present in your fuel tank, your problem can be worsened if there is dirt present in the fuel tank because it can further block the fuel filter. It is a well-known fact that any sediment or dirt present in the fuel settles down to the bottom of the tank which may prove to be an added on to your repairing bill.


Ignoring the warning sign usually proves to be a bad idea as running in low fuel can damage the entire fuel system. So you should never ignore it and ensure to visit the nearest fuel station to stop any driving hindrances. Be prepared before leaving that you should not start any drive without assuring that you are not going to run out of fuel soon.